Mexican Hammocks

Genuine Mexican Hammocks

Mexican Hammocks are best known for being the most comfortable style of hammock in the world.  They are all hand woven with a thin string making a small net bed offering comfort, stretch and ventilation. 

Unlike cloth or canvas hammocks, Mexican hammocks offer a fine, close woven  knit which stretches and moulds itself to your individual shape, while providing exceptional ventilation. 

A traditional Mexican hammock has no spreader bar.  So to keep the hammock open and not end up wrapped up like a taco you lie diagonally or across the hammock. You become the "spreader" and the hammock rolls along beneath you, hugging and supporting every curve of your body.  It's because of their comfort, ventilation and quality that thousands of people worldwide sleep in Mexican hammocks.  

Please remember a hammock is not a toy.  To ensure user safety, always check the hammock is correctly anchored to the correct weight bearing mounts.  Enter and exit your hammock slowly and with caution.  Always ensure children are supervised when using a hammock.