Quality, fair trade and production

A Mexican Hammock is a hand woven net made with cotton or nylon string. The net shapes and moulds to your body offering supreme comfort and ventilation while you relax. 

All our Mexican Hammocks are hand woven with high quality standards. We offer Mexican Hammocks made with a  very fine net, the net or body of the hammocks contains more than 40 stitches. This close net offers supreme comfort and more resistance.


The people who make Mayan Legacy Mexican hammocks:

Swell Hammocks has chosen to work with companies that support local artisans in the practice of traditional hand weaving.  The artisans who weave the hammocks are from small villages in the Yucatan region.  They are isolated from the city and have limited employment opportunities.  By supporting these local artisans with fair trade wages, they are able to remain in their villages, earn a fair wage and continue to practice their traditional crafts. 

Our suppliers have made strong relationships with these families and helping them to grow and giving them the support they need to share their culture and craft with Australia.