Cotton in Rainforest
Cotton in Rainforest
Cotton in Rainforest
Swell Hammocks

Cotton in Rainforest

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Live Swell with our quality range of ethically made Mayan cotton hammocks.  Bring the holiday home with this beautifully hand woven cotton hammock.  Quality weave and traditional tones make these hammocks the perfect addition for the modern home.  Recreate those holiday feels without even leaving your house.  

Cotton hammocks are the softest and easiest to sink into of all of the varieties. They stretch and mould to your body. Although delicate, these hammocks will provide years of comfortable wear if hung undercover. You can hang them in an open area, but to avoid colour fading and deterioration just unhook them when not in use.
The secret of the superior comfort and strength offered in our production of Mexican  Hammocks, lies in the diamond-like design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans.


  • Traditional colours.
  • Hand woven with Cotton String.
  • Includes Free Carry Bag.
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide.
  • Ideal to hang with a pair of tree straps or using a hammock frame. 
  • Handmade in Mexico by local artisans supporting the tradition of weaving hammocks from home.
  • Fair trade and ethically made.